India will get first bullet train which will run from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in 2023, and a high-tech training centre for testing and training of these bullet trains will be set up in Gujarat; which will be India’s first ever high-speed rail training centre.

Those high-fi-sci-fi bullet trains, running at high speed on special tracks will soon be a reality in India too. But the advanced rail system comes at a cost and much more efforts including intrinsic testing, training and development of the cutting edge technology. This will be accomplished by developing a special rail training centre at Gujarat’s Gandhinagar to provide advanced training modules for bullet trains. The foundation-laying ceremony of this training centre is scheduled in September, after which the construction will begin, as per the statement given by Achal Khare, managing director, National High Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRC).

This training centre will be built in huge area and the construction cost is estimated to be Rs 600 Crore and will be ready for functioning from 2020. It is also reported that 4000 rail engineers will be recruited to work on the project, of which 300 will be trained from Japan because, it is the homeland of bullet trains.

The bullet train which is expected to run from Ahmedabad to Mumbai will reduce the journey time from 7 hours to just 2 hours for 508 kilometres and 12 stations. The estimated cost for the ambitious project of Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train is estimated to be about Rs 97,636 crore, of which about 81% funding will be sourced from Japan as loan and the rest of funding will be equally divided between Gujarat and Maharashtra state governments.