Gul Panag, the Bollywood actress and model shared two pictures of policemen abiding to their duty despite the  heavy rains, and the tweet went viral, leading the two cops – Gurdhyan Singh and  Gurdev Singh being honoured by the Punjab government.

Heavy rains have drenched North India in waters and stopped the easy going normal life of people. But some people have determined to save the people from difficulty, and not all the heroes wear capes just like these heroes – Head Constable Gurdhyan Singh and Head Constable Gurdev Singh, two cops of Punjab.  On Wednesday, Bollywood actress Gul Panag tweeted the picture of a police official standing knee deep in rain waters directing the vehicles so as to curb the traffic jams on the roads. With the photo, Gul panag added a request to the Punjab CM Amarinder Singh in the caption to supply the policemen with appropriate rain gear.


In her tweet, she described how hard working traffic policemen like these, are selflessly conducting their duty and that a good rain gear and a pat on the back would be an immense help for them. In the tweet, it can be seen how, Head Constable Gurdhyan Singh and Head Constable Gurdev Singh had rolled their pants up to stand amid the waterlogged area even with a wound on leg of one of the cops. After Panag tweeted the pictures, the post went viral and a number of people voiced in the favour of the police officials praising them for their selfless and sincere service despite such conditions.

The tweet went so viral that it came into notice of the state’s Chief Minister Amrindar Singh who promised to take the matter into consideration and a reward for the policemen. Keeping the promise, both the policemen were honoured the very next day by ADGP Traffic with a commendation certificate and cash reward – encouraging them and others to keep doing their jobs honestly and with dedication.