From recent incidents, Facebook seems to be quite vulnerable when it comes to protecting account privacy and it is advisable to make sure that your personal details are secure. It is also said that leaving too many details on Facebook profile could leave you vulnerable to cyber hacks.

For example, a recent meme which asked other users to guess which concert out of the list of then they didn’t go to. While this might look like harmless fun, snippets of information like these are often similar to the security questions which are used to retrieve account details when we forget the id and passwords. Now you didn’t see that coming, did you? To keep such attacks at the bay, here what you can do.

Avoid sharing details of your location

Sharing your location is probably the worst thing to do because people who you may want to wish to inform about your whereabouts will surely know that, but on top of that there are hackers who seek such information. Also, never share your home address in public posts. You might also want to avoid sharing your check-ins publically.

Re-look your friends list

Do you actually know all the people in your Facebook friends list? Do you want them to see your pictures with your family? So check your friends list and see whom you want to keep and whom do you actually know. Getting rid of people you haven’t really talked to since long is probably the easiest way to sort out and fine tune your friends list.

Sharing your phone number will be a nah-nah!

Why would you ever want to advertise your phone number on a breach-prone mass social media platform! The friends you might want to give your number to will probably already have it and if not, they can ask for it.

Flaunting your holiday plans

Planning for a fancy holiday? No need to put up every detail or probably any detail on social media! Hackers and intruders can easily know your plans and know that you will be away from home, where will you be and how long. It’s like waving the red flag to a bull, inviting him to bump you right away.

Your birthday

This seems to be harmless, right? Well it is not because it is often used as a banking security question and you just don’t want to give away your bank account details to anybody, or do you?

Sharing photos and videos

Sharing your personal photos and videos? Hold on a second, because it is very-known fact that photos and videos can be used for inappropriate and illegal purposes so make sure that your pictures and videos are not publicly shares.

These are few tips to make sure that your personal details and implicitly you are protected from the budging internet crime and hack attacks.