Harish Katharani shipped the necessary medication to Texas Children’s Hospital amid Hurricane Harvey.

The Texas state of USA has been severely hit by Hurricane Harvey where it affected numbers of families, who are striving for even proper shelter. Hospitals of Texas are getting packed and the necessary & life-saving equipment’s stock is not enough to treat patients.

Meanwhile, an Indo-American CEO of Southside Group of Companies provided the most vital drug Leishmaniasis which made the patients critically ill during this massacre. But, a hurdle for Harish was that he cannot ship the medication as logistics to Texas was disturbed in large scale.

But, Harish managed it in his own way and sent one of his employee to deliver all the required medication for flood hit families and people to get proper treatment through various hospitals in Texas. This medication is said to costs about $49,000.

Hurricane Harvey becomes most disastrous calamity till date in 13 years of Texas. Around 13 Million people affected by heavy rains struggling for basic shelter, hit by catastrophic flooding.

In another episode, Medicare Advantage provider TexanPlus reached Southside’s Texas Medical Center to ask if the firm could give services to their patients amid the hurricane weekend.

Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston’s executive director Jagdip Ahluwalia expressed that he was pleased that one of their Chamber members was going well beyond what would have been acceptable anyway to serve the community in this hour of need.

Southside is a pharmacist claimed and worked company set up in 1992. It ships claim to fame medication to more than 35 states. Its pharmacies will stay open amid the weekend’s consistent hours yet their pharmacist and nurses are accessible as needs are day in and day out to enable Texans to hold over the inconveniences case by the hurricane.

Katharani, who went to the US in 1972, is a liberal donor to different charitable associations, for example, MS Society, Hep-C Clinic, Liver Foundations and in addition to Cancer and HIV research institutions.