The Ministry of External Affairs has announced that both India and China have agreed to end the issue at Doklam tri-junction and both countries will withdraw troops from the border area – finally a wise move from both sides.

After over three months of sour feud between India and China over territorial issues at Doklam tri-junction area, the major standoff seems to have finally come to an end, peacefully. Despite the persisting tension at India-China-Bhutan border, India and China has maintained to make diplomatic communications and tries to resolve the issue internally. In past few weeks, authorities of both the countries were able to convey their views and concerns regarding the construction of military-grade road at Doklam; on the basis of which, both parties have agreed to withdraw their border military troops and resolve peace.

This comes just a few days before BRICS meeting at China, which could lead to better relations between both countries and a fruitful future. There have been a lot of ups and downs during the entire 3-months long Doklam standoff including – allegations of breaking the Panchsheel Pact, tries by diplomats to solve the issue, military muscle flexing, international interventions from US, Japan, Australia, Nepal; calls for peace from Indian officials like Sushma Swaraj, Ajit Doval and Rajnath Singh; military meetups and what not. All these have finally summed up and has guided both the countries to a solution wiser than wise – the solution of peace.

There were times when we were on verge of military war with China, but it would have been ugly for both India and China – a devastation beyond out imagination; with an aftermath which could destruct both Asian giants to the ground. Withdrawal of army troops from Doklam border from both sides will lead India and China into another side – a side beyond war and towards better future. A BRICS meeting is scheduled to be hosted by China in September and PM Modi is expected to attend it, this could actually lead to stronger economic and bilateral relations. Despite repeated threats by the Chinese media and strident positions taken by official Chinese diplomats, India maintained that it will defuse the crisis through official diplomatic channels – which has finally been achieved. So as they say it, all’s well that ends well – PEACE.