Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina Sheikh has once again, emerged as the clear winner in a landslide victory in Bangladesh’s General Election and is ready to start her fourth term as the head of the country.

Despite the fierce brawl among opposition, Hasina Sheikh’s Awami League party won a thumping 287 seats of 298 in the recent general election held in Bangladesh, and will now prepare to form a government to run the 300-member parliament for the fourth time. The main opposition won only six seats, and with more than 80 percent majority in general elections, the Hasina-led Awami League party will now form the strongest governments in South Asia.

And with the unprecedented victory, Hasina Sheikh has become Bangladesh’s first ever political leader to be able to win the election for the third consecutive term, and fourth overall. Hasina’s win consolidated her decade-long rule over Bangladesh and credits her with public affirmation for her work in promoting the country’s economy and development. The landslide victory is also a getaway for the leader of the accusations of rampant human rights abuses, a crackdown on the media and suppressing the dissents in the nations – which she already dismissed.

On the other hand, the main opposition party Jatiya Oikya Front (National United Front) leader Kamal Hossain has rejected the election results as rigged. The opposition parties, cited the flawed poll results, and have also called the Election Commission for conducting a fresh re-election “under neutral administration as soon as possible”. Amidst the claims of authoritarianism and distrust among voters, Dhaka stands still, waiting for a new governance.