As Google I/O 2017 was once booked in January month and soon after it took place earlier than expected. Registration details for attending the event started which have a very difficult scenario to book your seats. Some of the reserved candidates are Google Attendees, Media and the developer communities who are dedicated to Google and its various service platform.

Sundar Pichai is leading the company out the gate and everyone is expecting to reveal the things same as last year. Keynote is kept super-secret at certain level due to its code of conduct. On the contrary, hardware is a vital factor to consider for commissions prior to release. Google is transparent enough on what it says and promises and so it keeps certain things covered till conference.

For May 17th, there were just 90 minutes, Google shared with audience in which it revealed certain astonishing things that can be jaw-dropping for Android enthusiastic. During keynote address, it holds tiny conference, labs, and hands-on sessions that follow the actual case of its event. Followed by May 18, it will wrap-up all the things by May 19 and then, there starts the adventure of new Android release ahead of its developer preview.

Over 80% of worldwide market share that Android covers is a whole year achievement for Google in 2016. It also crossed Windows platform in numbers of device and internet consumption as well. Google is dedicated to bringing something new to everything they work.

The company’s very first customer focused smartphone, had some offer dilemmas to state the lowest despite a fresh method, Android’s fragmentation is apparently of increased issue, and Pixel. Google should be anticipated to handle a few of the problems we’ve had such as for example marketing and advertising on Google Home and assistance that is 3rd party the Google Assistant.

There is a hope to learn about Android O together with systems which are various as Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto and Daydream. Google must also announce a few of its newest partnerships, which may lead us into YouTube television, the company’s brand-new and television solution that is certainly inexpensive.

The 3rd yearly Google Play Awards may also occur, and details are provided on future services and products including a brand new JUMP digital camera, a Google Home and Wi-Fi unit this is certainly crossbreeding plus an Andromeda Chromebook. As well as on the application aspect, we’re able to read about Allo, Duo, the Hangouts this is certainly current split Android Pay, as well as the future of Google Earth.

Here is the full video from Google: