Google Chrome is not unknown to any people nowadays. It is famous for its lightning speed and security. It will let you sync your data and bookmarks across devices and most importantly, it will never let you bore even when there is no internet connection. Everyone loves the Dinosaur game on the Google Chrome. Even in this era of high end graphics games, the Dinosaur game is loved equally by the users.

But, what if we told you that there is another secret game you can play in Google Chrome? Yes, Google Chrome has another secret game which was firstly spotted by the Reddit Users. So, what exactly is this game? How can one play it? Wanna know? Here are your answers. It is a text based adventure game which can be played in the UI of DevTools. You have to search “text adventure” in the Chrome and then open DevTools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J. After doing that your screen will something like this.

Chrome will ask you if you want to play a game? You have to reply with “yes” and then the text game appears in the console. This text based adventure accepts only these commands: north, south, east, west, up, down, grab, why, inventory, use, help, exits, map, and friends. You will be asked a tricky question and you have to solve it and reply with one of the acceptable commands. Then you have to grab the map and open it by the commands. After grabbing the map it will look something like this.

Later, you have to solve the problem, by answering the questions correctly. You can leave it anytime, ofcourse. Tech geeks and other interested people are playing this mysterious game and going on the “Text Adventure”, which is packed with fun and excitement.