Social Media and Instant Messaging giant WhatsApp is planning for another big application, focused on business with some interesting features. Privacy & security will be the utmost priority.

Besides this, Facebook and WhatsApp is working on overall user experience from UI to technical level where user should get the robust environment to communicate. One more feature in a row, company is testing video-voice call and vice-versa where users can switch between those two mediums easily.

Apart from business-focused app by WhatsApp, it’s beta version has been actively tracked in Twitter, getting every new information on its new features which will let users utilise app in comfort way. At present, if you want to switch between voice to video or vice-versa, you need to disconnect, which many users reported for improvement.

Some of the testers/bloggers notified the slight change in-app UI for the voice-video call feature. Other beta testers notified that video-call button has been placed at the bottom of the display when they are on voice-call. So, if users want to switch the call, then they just need to tap on the video button to activate the camera and start the call.

Recipients will get notifications once they receive calls for the options of accepting or reject. Furthermore, this app will be available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms too with same features.

In the app, WhatsApp will check the companies and keep in mind that making a business account, the companies won’t have the capacity to change the name yet just the profile pictures. The companies will likewise have their own particular PSA accounts, where the two businesses and customers will be informed about the vital changes in the app.