After the Supreme Court passed its judgement about the validity of Aadhaar card as an identity proof while uplifting the need of Aadhaar in any private entities – which means, no need to have your SIM card linked with Aadhaar. Here’s how to delink the Aadhaar from your mobile number, if it has already been linked.

While the constitutional validity of Aadhaar as an identity proof was upheld by the Supreme Court in its judgement last week, its use by private entities has been prohibited in India. Which essentially meant that the telecom service providers needed to delink all Aadhaar linking made earlier. Effective to the SC verdict, the governing authority of Aadhaar – Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) circulated notice to all telecom companies in India, instructing them to submit their plans for delinking Aadhaar by October 15.

Not only does this mean that telecom service providers can no longer use Aadhaar and will have to delink it from its database, but it also means that they will have to come up with a fresh KYC process within six months using other approved identification documents. However, the instructions does not mandate the deletion of Aadhaar data from the databases of the phone companies. The UIDAI circular contradicts the clear directions given by the Supreme Court in the order – which has led to a lot of confusion among the telecom companies.

So while the telecom companies figure out what to do and the government indicated that it might bring a law allowing private companies to hold Aadhaar data, users are allowed to request telecom companies to remove their data – but even this process is unlikely to be simple in a country as large as India. So the Aadhaar saga is still on.