According to the very recent blog posts from Quora, they faced a data breach for millions of its users as a malicious third party gained unauthorized access to the data of around 100 million users. Personal and login details of as many as 100 million Quora users has been leaked, and here’s how to make sure that your account is safe amid the major data breach.

The breach was detected on Friday when they saw that a malicious third party gained unauthorized access to the data of millions of Quora users. Keeping up with transparency, Quora immediately warned their users about the data breach and guided some possible steps to be taken to prevent the further damage. Quora said that they are investigating the precise cause of that data breach; their internal team is working hard on investigating, and they have also hired a leading digital forensics and security firm to assist them with the data breach. They have also notified law enforcement officials for this.

The notification suggested that around 100 million users’ data from all around the world was compromised in the data breach. Although questions and answers written anonymously were not affected, all the public information such as public questions, answers, comments, and up-votes were affected by this data breach. The leaked information included Name, email address, encrypted password and data imported from LinkedIn network. So Quora suggested that logged out the users whose data was compromised, and they are invalidating their passwords.

So as preventive measure, all you need to do is reset the password, and your account is safe from the further data breach. In case, you don’t know how to reset your password, here’s how you can do that. Enter your email address on which you created your account, and then click on “Forgot password?”. Now go to your email account, open the email from Quora containing the password reset link, click on the link, and create a new and strong password, and you’re all done.