Are you someone who have been wanting to nudge the achy tobacco addiction for quite a while now? Or you’re the one that just gets queasy by the smell of tobacco? Well, this is a good day for both because it is World No Tobacco Day and the world is will not use tobacco, at least today.

Drop those cigarettes and drop those chewing tobacco sachets for a minimum of 24 hours in the name of world NO tobacco day, seriously, go ahead. And instead of a burnt cigarette, place a fresh flower in the ashtray as a gentle reminder of the fatal effects of using tobacco in any form. And if you are an addict, you are well aware of how serious your deadly addiction is, you just need a nudge and here’s the little nudge.

Image Source: WHO

May 31 is celebrated as World Health Organisation’s (WHO) annual World NO Tobacco Day to promote anti-tobacco campaigns, spread awareness among people and motivate the addicts to quit. So what is so addictive about tobacco? Simple answer – nicotine. Nicotine creates a chemical dependency in the body and once used to it, the body develops a need of certain level of nicotine all time and that is what keeps the addicts going back to tobacco.

And withdrawal of tobacco might make it difficult for you to cope up with daily life but remember it is just temporary and will go away within a few weeks. But one has to hang in there for just those few weeks which is where most people give up. The effects of quitting tobacco start just within 20 minutes and you might feel anxiety, intense cravings, drowsiness and trouble in sleeping, but it is all worth it. Here are few tips to make it a tad bit easy.

Set a quit date and be genuine – This will definitely help because you know where the start line is, now you just got to run. You can also be prepared and you can choose a meaningful day like your birthday or anniversary or even World No Tobacco Day, go ahead today!

Stay positive and prepare for challenge – There is no denying that ciggies are going to be on your mind all day, but you have to fight it and stay positive. Thousands of people have ditched it and if they can, why can’t you. And it is not a question. Keep yourself busy with work so that you will not be distracted.

Ditch all tobacco products around you – If you remove tobacco products from your environment, you will be less tempted to pick them up and start again. Make your home and workplace tobacco free, smoke free.

Try medication – Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) such as nicotine gum and patches are available over the counter and can help tide you over the first few weeks. Non-nicotine replacement therapies such as the medications Bupropion and Varenicline are available on prescription but make sure to consult your physician before using any of these medications.

Don’t give up – Don’t worry if you can’t quit on the first go. It might take multiple attempts to kick the habit of smoking, but every time you try is a step in the right direction. Keep trying and don’t give up.

And today is a good day to begin. As a matter of fact, the heart attack rate for smokers is 70 per cent higher than for non-smokers and believe it or not but by avoiding tobacco just for one full day, your risk for heart attack will reduce significantly. Stop killing yourself, say no to tobacco today and say yes to life.