Like every year, the ultra-glam trendsetter autumn/winter edition of Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week 2019 is underway in New Delhi. And here are quite a handful of handpicked accessible fashion highlights from the street-style inspired themes seen on runways this year.

The entire fashion extravaganza during ongoing Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week 2019 is on in New Delhi with showstopper appearance from some of industry’s biggest fashion designers. Although the day 1 started a little slow in attendance, it featured some of the most accessible fashion pieces for common people. Combinations of some of brightest hues of fabrics with sharp tailored neutrals combined in one single balanced look seemed to be the latest trends and gave out sartorial inspiration for us commoners.




Image credits: Tenzin lhagyal via

Another significant style inspiration in this year’s India Fashion Week came straight from Kashmir once again, speaking of which, designer Shyma Shetty, one half of Huemn said, “We’re inspired by Kashmir again this season. Only this time it’s the other side – the youth of Kashmir and their raw energy against the beautiful but conflict-ridden landscape they live in.


While other designer Samant Chauhan found his inspirations coming somewhere from the African continent – with models wearing layered lofty whites, capturing the myriad hues of their existence on a dried-grass lined runway. The show notes read that, “Chauhan garbs his woman in layers, and the truth weaved in detailed embroidery in jewel tones and shades of pink, orange, rust and burgundy on whites and ivories.”

LMIFWAW19D2S6SamantChauhanRunway062Image: Sagar Ahuja/

Besides the themed appearances, one common thread that tied most of the designers at the fashion show were – the 90s sneaker culture. So you may or may not take the inspirations from the fashion week, but the sneaker culture is hard to sneak away from.