Vending machines are a godsend when you’re dying for a drink at the train station or having a 3PM sugar crash at work. But could you imagine buying your next home from a vending machine? Sounds like something from the pages of science fiction or probably a futuristic fictional movie, right? You might want to know that a Malaysian architecture student – Haseef Rafiei has come up with a radical idea of futuristic housing via a ‘vending machine’ skyscraper which would 3D print its own apartments!

In response to the growing demand for housing worldwide, the England-based Malaysian student came up with a concept featuring a combined-use skyscraper doubling as an oversized vending machine for 3D printed space and has called it ‘Pod Skyscrapper’. The Pod Skyscraper vending machine is estimated to be 295-foot wide and 66-foot deep. And this extremely innovative idea has won Rafiei an honourable mention in eVolo Magazine for Skyscraper Competition 2017.

So what is the idea and how does it work? Rafiei says that several “pods” each containing basic living amenities, could be 3D printed and joined together to form larger dwellings or even offices and commercial buildings. It also features a self-construction capability where the pods of building can be manufactured on site by a giant construction 3D printer which can be placed at its place using cranes and mechanical arms.

Think it is a too far-fetched idea? Well, implementing the idea requires a lot of technical, mechanical and technological advancements but 3D printing is getting popular day by day and is growing by a surprisingly fast rate. And we should never shove any idea aside thinking it is too ‘imaginative’ to even consider; I mean imagine a century earlier when scientists were thinking about connecting the whole world via a network, which we now call ‘internet’. How bizarre would that have sounded back in those days? Think about it.