An MBBS student (24) helped a lady to give birth to a baby in Ahmedabad-Puri Express. Vipin Khadse took after directions from his seniors through WhatsApp. Vipin Khadse played out a muddled delivery when a 24-year-old started giving birth on the Ahmedabad-Puri Express close Wardha junction.

Vipin Khadse, who is in his last phase of MBBS training (and is not a qualified doctor yet) at the Nagpur-based Government Medical College and Hospital, played out a convoluted delivery when 24-year old Chitralekha started giving birth on the prepared on Friday.

Khadse revealed to TOI that the train was around 30km from Nagpur when Chitralekha’s relatives pulled the tie to stop the train close to Wardha intersection. “The ticket collector and guard were looking for a doctor on the train. Initially, I kept quiet presuming there could be some experienced doctor. But, when they came for a second round of inquiry, I offered to help,” he added further.

Chitralekha and her better half had boarded the train at Ahmedabad, where they act as workers. They were making a beeline for Raipur in Chhattisgarh. At the point when Khadse went to go to her, she was bleeding abundantly and was in extraordinary torment. In a show of mankind, travellers emptied the compartment. The ladies travellers changed over the compartment into an alternative delivery room.

“The delivery was complicated because instead of the head, the baby’s shoulder was hanging out of the vagina. I uploaded a photo in a WhatsApp group of doctors for help. A senior resident Shikha Malik guided me on the phone to conduct the delivery,” Khadse said. “I had to use chilled water bottles to stop her bleeding. The amniotic fluid had completely dried. A midwife on the train helped me.”

As the train chugged into Nagpur station, a group drove by a lady doctor from the railroad hospital assumed the responsibility of the circumstance. The unseasoned parents were permitted to proceed with their go with the medication.

With the inputs of TOI.