About twelve hundred passengers were travelling through Duronto Express on Tuesday, escaped safely when train engine along with nine coaches derailed.

Straight 70Km from Mumbai, near Asangaon, Duronto Express derailed with nine coaches and engine due to landslide occurred amid heavy rains near the village. Although, there is no clear reason why train derailed as there were many factors that were taken into consideration while investigation.

But, according to Railway sources, Duronto driver Ravindra Singh’s presence of mind should be appreciable at this time, major tragedy was avoided and no casualties reported even after the derailment.

At Asangaon region, Railways carried out pre-monsoon work and work on a third line, during which a small portion of hill was sliced. Due to repairing work, tracks were not upto mark to run train in normal speed, felt Ravindra Singh when he observed the situation from engine. At around 6.36 AM, this incident occurred during which Singh has already slowed down the train and hit brakes upon realising that the track ahead was damaged.

By monitoring this situation and various trusted statements, a railway official refuted this as a possible cause and termed the accident as natural calamity.

While there occurred landslide, the possible reason for derailment also unveiled that soil erosion upto 50 ft on hillside, fell on track from height and due to monsoon work, the track became loose. Although, few people and a motorman of Duronto Express did suffer minor injuries.

It took more than 2 hours to spot the train for rescue operation, meanwhile, locals provided tea, breakfast and helped the passengers trapped inside in every possible way. Additionally, bus organised by government was 3km away from accident site, although road was just 1km.

Suburban train services on the Kasara and Kalyan sections had to be closed. Services resumed on Wednesday morning. Several long distance trains were cancelled while some routes were changed.