Within a matter of time after the building at Bhendi Bazaar collapsed on Thursday morning, the NDRF convoys rushed to the congested area to rescue victims – thanks to the 21-km-long green corridor developed by Maharashtra government.

On Thursday morning, a residential building named Hussaini collapsed at Bhendi Bazaar where at least 31 people were trapped under debris. The building was located in such a congested area that reaching for rescue and relief operations would be very tough, but not when a green corridor was available. For the very first time, Maharashtra Government had joined hands with Mumbai Traffic Police to develop a green corridor for National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) so that the rescue and relief convoys could easily and speedily reach the spot of disaster.

The building collapsed at 8:55 AM on Thursday morning, and three NDRF teams stationed at Andheri Sports Complex were alerted immediately. At 9:05 AM, all three convoys reached the spot carrying 45 personnel and 2 sniffer dogs to rescue people trapped inside the debris of collapsed buildings. Another convoy of 6 rescue vehicles reached by 9:35 AM which was a little late as every second counts in such emergency situations, but covering a distance of 21 kilometres in about 30 minutes – ploughing through the morning traffic of Mumbai would never have been possible unless a green corridor was built.

As soon as traffic system was notified, traffic police deployed a rider with flashers from Vakola who cleared off the entire road ahead of arrival of the convoy. From the backend, Mumbai traffic police used CCTV cameras to clear off the bottle-necked traffic points before arrival of rescue vehicles. This was the first time that a green corridor was built in disaster management, until now, such channels were used only during organ donation and medical emergencies. Also, the medical team was escorted by a police caravan and number of police bikers for speedier reach to Bhendi Bazaar. Because of this prompt service, three victims were rescued from critical situations and were provided adequate medical care right away. The idea of green corridor must be adopted across India for an efficient disaster management system – saving as many lives as possible.