Chevrolet India launched on-ground activities to take the ‘Drive with care’ campaign to another level for extensive driving related awareness. The campaign focuses on overall driving safety with other sub-campaigns like ‘Promise To’, ‘Lost in the rain’ and ‘Protect your precious’.

As a part of Chevrolet India’s Drive with Care initiative, they joined hands with The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and SIAM in the National Safety Week which took place from 9th-15th January 2017. Their primary goal was to create safer roads for everyone by making them realize the importance of pedestrian safety. Chevy came up with many interactive activities like a Promise wall and workshops.

Another campaign was targeted for safety during rain and monsoon called ‘Lost in the Rain’ with the aim of making road safety a top-of-the-mind recall during monsoons. They painted safety messages saying ‘Drive With Care’ with hydrophobic paint and stencils. The innovative hydrophobic paint was only visible when wet.

Chevy has deployed kid campaigners in ‘Safety Ninja’ avatars at public places like malls and schools across Delhi and Mumbai. The campaign was already live online earlier this month which focused on considerable attention to reinstate child safety measures on roads which is often ignored.

The current campaign – ‘Protect your Precious’ targets child safety during driving and transportation. Chevy aims at getting all children travelling in cars to fasten their seat belts as well as infants to remain in car seats. They focused on raising the issue of child safety by educating parents about the importance of using car seats.

Image Source: Chevrolet India

Image Source: Chevrolet India

To reach out to parents and kids, a group of tiny tots (Chevrolet Safety Ninjas) were positioned at Phoenix Market City, Kurla, and Goregoan Sports Club in Mumbai who persuaded them to take the Chevrolet Tiny Safety Challenge. The initiation included safety quizzes, contests, and other engaging activities. The Ninjas also urged the parents to take a pledge online to consciously ensure their child’s safety.

There are four kinds of Chevy Safety Ninjas – Buckle Ninja, Child Seat Ninja, Lock Ninja, and Rear Seat Ninja. These Ninjas will make efforts to sensitize parents and kids about the importance and need of inculcating safety measures on daily basis. As a global brand, Chevy considers the promotion of safety as an overriding priority and has decided to promote safe driving. The auto-giant will use social media and online platforms like YouTube, Facebook and other media channels to spread awareness.  They have also tied up with 35 schools in Delhi and 15 schools in Mumbai to ensure widespread messaging across the target audience.

Safe driving and taking all the safety measures is the key to ensure a happy and healthy journey. So, do you think that only seatbelt is enough for the safety of your child? Let us know in the comment section down below.