On Monday, PM Narendra Modi won the first ever Philip Kotler Presidential Award powered by the World Marketing Summit India for his contribution to “‘people, profit and planet” and his “outstanding leadership for the nation” – as quoted the citation of the awards. Here is the in-depth of what the award is about.

PM Modi received another award, that is reportedly the first-ever of its kind – the Philip Kotler Presidential Award 2018, which “is a momentous achievement, and a proud day for all Indians”. Speaking of who awarded the awarded to honour PM Modi for his work, it was powered by a Canada-based  independent marketing organisation called World Marketing Summit, founded by Philip Kolter in 2011 with an aim to “create a better world through marketing”. They basically organise annual summits to bring business and marketing experts together and discuss various global issues like economics, environment, poverty and health.

The key focus of these summits is the Kotler Awards, that are bestowed to individuals or marketing companies for their exceptional achievements in all these social sectors. As a matter of fact, any marketing professional or organisation who wants to participate for the Kolter Awards needs to apply for nominations, which required applicants to pay fees as high as Rs 1 lakh. Unsurprisingly, the winners of this award include the event’s own partners such as the WittyFeed, which is a content-oriented company.

In 2017, WMS reached out to an Aligarh-based company called Suslence Research International Institute Pvt Ltd to hold the WMS in India for next three years. And hence, the first ever WMS was hosted at Pride Plaza Hotel in New Delhi on 14th December, 2018, which was co-sponsored by Indian companies like GAIL India, and partnered by Patanjali Group, Republic TV among others. During the event, there was no mention of the “first ever” Philip Kotler Presidential Award; neither is there any update regarding the award on the WMS India website, till date.

Moreover, the only mention of the Philip Kotler Presidential Award was in the swift series of congratulating tweets by political leaders like Piyush Goyal, Raman Singh, Vasundhara Raje and few others; followed by a government press released, and then, the Indian news articles published today The government press release has no mention of the exact organisation or the jury members for the latest award – but the award does bear the signature of Mr Kolter. Perhaps, it really is “a very confidential award”, as mentioned by Tauseef Zia Siddiqui – the founder of Suslence and a representative of Philip Kotler.