Planning to move abroad? Probably for a more comfortable life and a higher-paying salary. Here’s the HSBC annual Expat Explorer survey to make your country selection decision easier and make sure that you earn heaps and have a high quality lifestyle – and the overall winner is a surprise (hint: it’s not US, UK or any EU nation).

The survey indicates that moving abroad usually boosts the pay by $21000 (Rs 15 – 16 lakh) annually – the biggest hike one can get. Which is a good enough reason to want to move abroad, plus all the goods about better lifestyle in most better paying countries. So the HSBC annual Expat Explorer survey lists out countries based on their how much they pay and also on the quality of life. The survey reveals that 45% expats said their existing job paid more internationally and 28 per cent changed locations for a promotions.

So the top on the list for highest and best pays are Switzerland, the US and Hong Kong – in respective order. And for Switzerland, famous for both sky-high mountains and prices, the annual income boost totalled $61,000. Expat salaries there averaged $203,000 per year, which is twice the global level. However, if it comes to quality of life, Singapore topped the rankings for the fourth year in a row, overtaking New Zealand, Germany and Canada. Which means, Singapore comes out as an overall winner, packed with great pay, great lifestyle and family friendly.

If better social and family life is your priority, Sweden is the answer as it topped in the list for the family and is also one of the most gender-equal nations. And other nations including New Zealand, Spain and Taiwan offers the best work experience opportunities. So based on this, one can pick as per choice – unless you are a women because in that case, a lot of metrics can apply.