Universe is such a gigantic place and there has to be someone other than us ‘earthlings’ out there, don’t you think? And we have been desperately searching for them Experts are saying that we are most likely to discover alien life within a decade!

Ever since I remember, we humans are very curious about alien life. They have always, somehow been a part of our lives, be it in form of fictional movie characters like the ET or the other-worldly superheroes like Superman or Thor, and remember the mechanical sci-fi movie featuring planet Cyberton? Or those mutants? And even the news headlines have never missed a chance to highlight the ‘extra-terrestrial’ stories of UFOs and Flying saucers and what not! To cut the long list short, we have heard, read and watched a lot about aliens and we are so desperate about it that we spend millions and trillions behind space travel in the search of alien life.

Now, experts are saying that the long search could end within 10-15-20 years and the hunt for life beyond Earth might yield results. And they are not just saying, saying it – they are saying it (sorry!) because researchers will soon be able to use the advance James Web Space Telescope and other latest detection devices which will let them look into the space for biomarkers like oxygen and methane in the atmosphere of these Earth-like planets. And such an atmosphere could, possibly, hopefully harbour some form of life. All this in upcoming two decades said Chris Impey, from the University of Arizona in the US.

But, let’s face it – these possible alien lives would be ‘microbial’ (haha, yeah!) and they would be way to far from those intelligent and powerful beings we’ve been imagining all these years. But the search is more about finding an earth-like planet or place, which could be our planet B (Because we are likely to mess up Planet E soon). And with the new telescopes, researchers will be able to pinpoint the planets that are “closest” to Earth in terms of characteristics.

Some people still think if alien life even exists? Well, the universe is so very humongous that our little brains struggle to comprehend how big it could be, the nearest galaxy to us – Andromeda is 2.5 million light years away from out Milky way and the whole universe is littered with such galaxies. And to us, the ‘observable’ universe is about 46 million light years away and the universe is way beyond out ‘observable’ limit. And people are saying that in this immensely crazily gigantic area, we are the only life? How self-centred are you to say that, amigo! There has to be someone out there, we just have to find where.