Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is revamping its educational courses and it is using a new methodology for teaching for the class 2019-21, to make students more industry relevant and sound enough to easily cope with new technologies and corporate culture.

According to the two members of IIMs, IIM is expecting educational courses on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to meet with companies’ requirements and to make sure that the students do not lack the knowledge of latest technologies. Currently, IIM-Calcutta is revamping its two-year post-graduate program of management (PGP) curriculum to make its students more industry relevant. The main objective behind this educational revamp in PGP course is to bridge the gap between students who have worked in companies and those who don’t have worked in any companies yet.

Runa Sarkar, academic dean at IIM-Calcutta said, “Considering that over half the PGP batch enters the programme with little or no work experience, they find it difficult to fit these disparate pieces into the jigsaw puzzle called management.” They will conduct a 15-hour workshop called ‘An introduction to Management’ in the orientation week for the students joining in 2019. Following the footprints of IIM-Calcutta – IIM-Indore, and IIM- Kozhikode are also re-shaping their curriculum courses. IIM-Indore will focus more on participant-centric learning process through simulation and live cases, while IIM- Kozhikode will introduce a new course called Leadership 4.0 and on a course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

IIM-Bangalore will stay stable and will not revamp its curriculum, but IIM-A and IIM-B, both are going to focus on the changes introduced a couple of years ago. Students across all IIMs are getting attracted towards analytics-based courses like data mining and predictive analysis etc. IIM-Ahmedabad has added courses in data analytics, big data, business analytics, bitcoin, Internet of Things and behavioural finance to keep its students up-to-date with the latest technologies.