Latest news from the headquarters of microblogging social media platform Twitter says that they have appointed a fresh new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who is an IIT Bombay alumnus Parag Agrawal.

Indian IT professionals were already having a significant job-share on global level, however, now the Indian pros are taking over top positions in top-notch tech giant companies. Microblogging platform Twitter has appointed a new India, Parag Agrawal who holds a PhD in Computer Science, for the top position of technology department, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). After passing out as a software engineer from IIT Bombay, Agrawal had joined companies like AT&T, Microsoft and Yahoo as a research intern. Later, IIT-Bombay alumnus had joined Twitter back in October 2011 as an ads engineer and was recently promoted to the post distinguished software engineer.

At Twitter, his contributions include leading efforts to increase the relevance of tweets in Twitter users’ timelines using artificial intelligence. Agrawal had focused on scaling a cohesive machine learning and AI approach across Twitter’s consumer and revenue product and infrastructure teams. Looking at Twitter’s AI developments, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other technology companies also use AI to enhance various parts of consumer services, as well as internal tools. All these efforts were taken into account by the cofounder and current CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey and hence, the IIT alumnus was given the position of CTO at Twitter.

The CTO position had been vacant since late 2016 when Adam Messinger left the firm, however, this wasn’t the first time Twitter went some time without a CTO. Greg Pass, arrived in 2008 after Twitter bought Summize and left in May 2011. Messinger, a former Oracle executive, joined Twitter in November 2011 but only took over as CTO in March 2013. The announcement of Parag Agrawal taking the position as Twitter CTO was internally in October, during a quarter when Twitter managed to produce a net profit for the first time – but the news was announced publicly on Friday (March 9).