In 2016-2017 job placement period, IIT-B aids 1,114 jobs for IITians with an average salary of 11.41L. Google, Microsoft, Intel participated to hire.

Despite IT Layoffs, world’s best IT companies to a part in job placement which selected among more than thousands of professionals to pursue their bright career. They recruited on all profiles which include core engineering, research & development, consulting, analytics and software, etc. The placement was carried out in 2 phase with 305 recruiters from all over the world.

Among many recruiters, Airbus Group, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Google, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Microsoft, OONGC, Procter & Gamble, Samsung R&D, Texas Instruments, Tata Steel and Qualcomm were the top companies to hire IITians.

This time Japan and Singapore were amongst the top international recruiters who have confirmed numbers of high profiles. Murata Group Japan, NEC Japan and Schlumberger Asia Services were the well-known firms that interviewed.

Besides this, 32 research & development organisation offered 118 positions. This observed hike in R&D Sector recruitment of IIT-B. The season saw a total of 67 international offers made from companies and 59 pre-placement offers were accepted by students.

Internship plays vital role while choosing & implementing career goals for students. It gives understanding about various roles within a particular industry and helped them to select a well-informed future goal. In internship time, there were about more than 1000 vacant seats in 650 organizations.