A nanotechnology based drug delivering system developed by IIT Delhi all-women’s team, uses nanoparticles to boost the efficiency and effect of antibiotics and cancer treatment drugs at cellular level to significantly boost the chances of recovery – a brilliant amalgamation of technology and medical science.

They say – give a woman the perfect red lipstick and she can conquer the world, but women of IIT Delhi may have conquered something very significant which can revolutionise the treatment of fatal cellular diseases like cancer – with or without red lipstick. A team of four women including two faculty members – Neetu Singh from the Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Shalini Gupta from the Department of Chemical Engineering; and their students Smita Patil and Rohini Singh have developed a nanotechnology-based delivery system for more affective delivery of drugs.

Antibiotics are convention al therapeutics used for the treatment of bacterial infections but sadly 50% of these drugs are either not needed or not effectively utilised. Conventional antibiotics suffer from issues like improper bio-distribution, poor water solubility, lack of target specificity and loss of efficacy. So the IIT Delhi team developed a drug delivery system using nanoparticles which will target the intracellular bacteria by increasing the antimicrobial efficacy and particle uptake.

They loaded up the antibiotic drugs with nanoparticles and when the drugs enter into our system, the nanoparticles will make the drug to get into the infectious cells and through bacteria more effectively. This is the perfect example of how deep and how far technology can be pushed to and how miraculous science is. The ladies now target to develop a dual drug delivery system which will kill bacterial infection and cancerous cells – way to go girls.