Unless you have been living in a fallout underground bunker, everyone knows that America woke up on August 21, 2017 and gazed high in the sky to watch the much anticipated phenomenal celestial event – a coast to coast total solar eclipse. The event transformed America, at least for a few moments and we have exclusive photographs of the very event, just so nobody feels left out.

While some might take solar eclipse to bring ‘bad omen’, I keep wondering – “okay, so that is how it feels like to play cosmic pinball”, you know? Worlds of the universe move around like balls and sometimes they line up – that is when you find yourself staring up into the sky through a set of filter-glazed glasses to watch the moon creating a sudden dark hole in the sky! And then the day turns into night without actually turning into night – my God, how crazy would that feel, right? The event of eclipses has always bewildered humans and have made their marks on our consciences since the inception of our lives. Unfortunately, the cavemen didn’t have all the fancy photography tools and gizmos to capture those precious un-explainable moments into picture frames forever; but we do, so lets cheer and appreciate some perfect pictures of a picture perfect event which has left me awestruck.

Oh look, moon crescent! Wait, that’s not a moon crescent, that’s the SUN!

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The perfect shot of perfect total solar eclipse, can’t ask for more, can we?

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The classic diamond ring corona (and my personal favourite).

Image may contain: nightImage credit: Stuart R Milliner 

Photographers from across America and beyond captured outstanding pictures of the total solar eclipse in full gear with cameras fitted with special protective filters. Being documented by satellites, special NASA jets, hot-air balloons, telescopes from ground, cameras, mobile phones, cardboard framed protective glasses and even those DIY-ed tubes of darkness; it was, by all accounts, the most-observed and the most-photographed eclipse in the entire history. The sun must be feeling like a celeb, or the moon, or both? That is hell lot of attention and why not – it is one the rarest events which took almost 90 minutes for the shadow of the moon to travel across the United States of America.

Moon blotting out the Sun completely in the middle of day for about two wondrous minutes at one place – we don’t see that every day, do we? In fact, a total solar eclipse is a one-time in the entire life for most, and a coast-to-coast solar eclipse is not likely to happen for about next 400 years in America. Keeping the rarity and importance of this event in mind, it was heartily celebrated with eliciting oohs, aahs, whoops and shouts from people across all 48 states and others like us from across the world – because we adore nature’s beauty with our hearts and by souls.

Editor’s note: Special thanks to photographer Stuart Milliner for the exclusive images; these pictures must not be re-published or re-posted for commercial purposes without permission.