Strengthening bilateral relations between India and Afghanistan, the Indo-Afghan trade show was inaugurated by Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley along with Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah, today.

Trade relations between India and Afghanistan roots back to ancient time through the Silk Road, and keeping that alive, India and Afghanistan are trying to boost inter-country trade. The India-Afghanistan trade and investment show begun from today and over 800 Indian business firms signed up for the event to make trade deals with 250 Afghan businesses, which will open from tomorrow. With the punchline of ‘Passage to Prosperity’, the three-day event is actually a trilateral trade show hosted by India, sponsored by US and participated by Afghanistan.

The main focus of this event is regional integration by strengthening economic ties between Afghanistan and India. The event will highlight recently signed agreements, showcase Afghan companies and Indian innovation, and launch a forthcoming single-sector event series. The show will turn out to be an opportunity to help the Afghan private sector grow with support from government as well as private sector participation. And basically the show will be featuring Afghan entities from various subsectors like economic growth, agriculture, education, energy just to name a few – who are willing to expand their trade and investment opportunities in India as well as US.

Apart from business and investment deals, consumer products from Afghanistan like carpets, nuts, gemstones, marble stones, saffron, dried fruits and all that fancy Afghan stuff will be displayed. This trade show will strengthen the relationships between India and Afghanistan – making it the heard of South Asian trade. It will also let entrepreneurs explore business opportunities in natural resources rich Afghanistan.