The United States’ headquarters of defence – Pentagon finally spoke up on the ongoing India-China issue and has urged for carrying out peaceful solution of the Sikkim standoff through ‘direct dialogues’.

It is globally known that India and China are at a sour brawl at the Indo-Chinese tri-junction border, the tension is escalating each day and war might erupt anyday. Both countries are accusing each other of allegations and the media is doing a ‘great’ job by adding gasoline to the fire. China says that Indian troops have crossed the Chinese border and are residing in Chinese territory whereas India says that the road constructed by China at Doklam is a Bhutanese region. The hilarious fact about this entire bickering is that the region both countries are falling out for is situated in BHUTAN, which is a whole different country and it seems to be pretty neutral in the entire dispute! India and China are fighting over something that isn’t even their property, now that’s genuinely laughable, right.

But it is not that funny when we look at what might happen if a full-scaled war is declared between both countries. Everyone is worried about it, even the countries in West, including United States of America. Because a torrent in the Indian and South Chinese sea will ripple across most of the parts of world and everyone will be affected, so much that this might trigger a modern era world war. Nobody wants a world war now, or it will devastate the entire globe to an extent we can’t imagine.

Bothered by all this, Pentagon has urged for direct talks between both countries to solve the issue. Gary Ross, a defence department spokesperson said, “We encourage India and China to engage in direct dialogue aimed at reducing tensions and free of any coercive aspects”. It must also be noted that US is denying from choosing any sides in this issue, it is not in favour of either of the parties nor against any. Probably this is for the national interest of United States, considering a fact that they can’t and shouldn’t mess up with China and they don’t want to sour the newly-built tender ties with India either. Even Australia urged for peaceful solution to Doklam issue, recently.

Pentagon is right, it is only good for both countries and their allies to talk it off. We have been at this cold-war-ish issue since almost 40 days, it is not a war of ego or a war of nerves, it is time to wake the hell up and solve the kooky controversy.