India and Australia inked down 6 pacts today when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull met in Delhi. One of the six pacts aims to boost steps to stop terrorism and enhance counter-terrorism cooperation. They also discussed the bilateral, regional and international issues of mutual interest and concerns.

A joint press event was held in which Turnbull and Modi said that they have reviewed the entire gamut of ties and

are looking forward for decisions on early holdings on the next round of talks on economic cooperation agreements. Both the leaders emphasised on peace and stability and have agreed on cooperating for peace in Indo-Pacific region. Talks about enhancing anti-terrorism measures were made and also challenges like terrorism and cyber security require global strategy and solutions. Modi also noted that Australia was ready to supply uranium to India as soon as possible.

Apart from anti-terror talks, Turnbull along with his Education Minister and six Australian university vice-chancellors, said 60,000 Indians were studying in Australia; and noted his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, wanted to train 400 million Indians in the next five years. ‘He has got a massive task, a massive objective, a huge ambition to upskill the people of India, and there is a big role for Australia to play in that,” Turnbull said.

India and Australia are very similar, and it’s not just about ‘cricket and curry’ here. India being one of the fastest growing economy and population will need a huge economic and educational supply and support. Alliance with Australia will help India in enhancing resources which will benefit both the countries. The signing of the six pacts is a major step towards international alliance and relationships which will help nurturing the future of both the countries.