Because of China’s veto power, India hasn’t yet made it to be a member of Nuclear Suppliers Group till now. But one of the officials of Trump administration said that struggle for getting into the list is ongoing as our capital satisfies all the criteria to get a membership in the 48 member elite nuclear club.

China has continually been disturbing in getting the membership to India but US is now considering India as potent enough for allowing it into the club. India is constantly supported by the US as well as another western nations. However China is demanding to get the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ) signed by each and every nation, which seems to be a problem to India’s entry in the group, as India hasn’t signed the NPT.

But Alice Wells, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of state for south and central Asia, has voiced his opinion in the support of India and said that, “Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is a consensus-based organization. India has not been able to secure membership as a result of opposition from China,” to the audience of Washington. He also told the audience that, “We have deemed that we’re not going to limit our own cooperation with India based on a Chinese veto. Of course, we moved ahead with a STA One authorization and we certainly believe that India meets all of the qualifications of the nuclear supplier’s group and will continue to actively advocate on behalf of India’s membership.””

As Alice told, that along with Westinghouse coming out of its bankruptcy, India has an opportunity to grab. At this time, we need to support Westinghouse as it keeps making conversations with India. Some ten years ago, the seeds to this goal were sown and now, it’s in our hand to create companies that provide safest and cleanest nuclear fuel and henceforth, many of our fellow people will be benefited.