Arun Jaitley stated that the number of persons under tax net has increased by 91 lakhs in the current year in which there are many with excessive cash and evaded money.

‘Operation Clean Money’ programme launched post demonetization and is expected to bring illegal wealth from nation’s corrupted minds.

“One message has gone out clearly as per the steps were taken by CBDT post demonetisation it is no longer safe to deal with excessive cash and tax evaded money… It is absolutely clear that those who have been indulging in all these are no longer safe,” Jaitley said.

Simply, people have will be feared before dealing huge amount of cash in transactions. CBDT Chairman Sushil Chandra expressed his views this programme, said that a data analytics firm and the tax department have created the list of people who have posted a large number of unaccounted cash.

There is more than 1 lakhs person who is in high-risk bracket, 7.54 lakh persons in medium risk while 5.95 lakh persons in low risk reside.

Undoubtedly, there is a huge increase in collection of personal income tax, the finance minister said, adding that the new portal will help honest tax payer.

“Taxes are collected for public good … I think this policy of assisting and simplifying the life for a compliant and honest taxpayer will continue, and the detection and many problems for the non-compliant. This message should be clear,” Jaitley expressed his strong concern over illegal activities against taxes that is used for public welfare.

With the inputs of PTI.