During the FIFA Council meeting at Miami on Friday, it was decided that India will host the 2020 FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup – yet another opportunity for India to display its capabilities to host international tournaments; and a lifetime worth of chance for the Indian women’s team to be on international football map.

The decision to let India host the 2020 FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup was made by FIFA Council’s strategic and decision making body based on the fact that this “will shape the future of international competitions”. The only two countries that showed interest during the bidding process in July last year for hosting the tournament were India and France. India had also expressed willingness to host the U-20 Women’s World Cup for 2020 along with South Korea, but the latter was picked as the host for the games.

India was voted by the members of FIFA’s strategic and decision making body based on a number of agendas that will help in shaping the future of the game. The new development is an achievement for India, especially as it comes after playing a successful host for the FIFA U17 Men’s World Cup this year – as the new chance affirms the hosting capabilities of the country. Congratulating India, Javier Ceppi, the then-U-17 men’s World Cup tweeted, “amazing news for India and the women’s game”.

Henceforth, the seventh edition of the U17 Women’s World Cup that is to be held in 2020 will be the second FIFA tournament that India will host. Moreover, it will also be the second women’s FIFA being held in Asia after 2016 edition was hosted by Jordan. This could be a lifetime chance for the Indian Women’s League, which has had its own challenges of having less than 10 teams, almost no funds in women’s football and an unstable club infrastructure – but the FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup hosting can structure a sustainable platform for the team in 2020.