The Lowy Institute Asia Power Index for 2018 has been released, ranking the overall power of 25 Asian countries and India has been placed on fourth position – coming out as a “major power” in Asia-Pacific and a country which has pegged for itself “a giant future”.

India has been ranked to be on fourth position out of 25 countries in the Asia Pacific in terms of overall power of the country and has been pegged to be “a giant of the future” by the Lowy Power Index. The power index is derived using 114 factors which broadly consists of eight factors including economic resources, military capability, resilience, future trends, diplomatic influence, economic relationships, defence networks and cultural influence. All these factors are researched, monitored and compared for all 25 Asia-Pacific nations – ranging from Pakistan in the west to Russia in north and Australia, US and New Zealand on the Pacific realm.

For this year’s Lowy Power Index, the United States remains on the top as usual, followed by the emerging superpower – China, which is rapidly approaching the United States. The third position is taken by smart power Japan with a significant gap from China, and then on the fourth lies India, followed by Russia on fifth position. Four of the top five powers in Asia-Pacific are from Asia – and one is the US, indicating the change that is shaping up in global politics and power distribution. The power index this year, is showing that global wealth and power are shifting towards the east and transformation is changing its region now.

As per the Lowy index, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in Asia, compared with just over a tenth in the West by 2025. This will mean, the countries in Asia and the relations among them will define war and peace globally in upcoming decades. About India, the country is seen as a giant of the future with strong parameters like economic resources, military capability, diplomatic influence and resilience – which has helped India get the fourth position this year. However, to become one of the superpowers, Indian needs to focus on improving weaknesses like economic relationships and defence networks to become a superpower.