On Tuesday, the ‘Vigils’ of the Indian Navy kick started the biggest coastal defence vigilance drill – Sea Vigil, along the entire coastal line of India stretching up to 7,517-km coastline to be well-versed with defensive tactics that are needed to be used in emergent situations like the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

About a decade since the 9 militants infiltrated the sea borders and entered Mumbai to plot the mortifying “The Attacks of 26/11”, the defensive vigilance in the coastal regions of the Indian western coast are being continuously intensified.  To test out the efficiency of the defensive responses during critical conditions and the coordination of the technology with the men-in-action, the Indian Navy is conducting the largest coastal defence vigilance drill called “Sea Vigil” from 22nd January. So all the maritime stakes of Indian army are swinging out in full motion along the 7,517-km coastline including island territories and the 2 million sq km Exclusive Economic Zone.


During this 36 hour exercise, some “rogue boats” will try to “penetrate” the multi-layered security grid consisting of 139 ships and 35 aircraft, including Dorniers, helicopters, drones, patrol boats and fleets of CISF, coastal police force and customs. The Sea Vigil drill will also build up situations to test out the Navy’s “TROPEX”(theatre-level readiness operational exercise), which is conducted every two years. The exercise is being conducted under the aegis of Commander-in-Chief, Coastal Defence, Southern Naval Command, Kochi and will be monitored closely from the Joint Operations Centre, Kochi.

However, making the never-before-known scale, a reality, the Navy received full cooperation of the central ministries, 9 coastal states, fishing and coastal communities and 4 Union Territories. Speaking about the motto of the mega exercise, the Indian Navy release says that “It has been more than 10 years since this attack and, hence Exercise Sea Vigil, which will see participation by all agencies associated with coastal security, is well-timed”.