The 25000 capacity Dubai Stadium has predictably sold-out for the match today, the Group A clash between the classic sub-continental arch-rivals – India and Pakistan at the Asia Cup 2018. And the cricket buzz are circling over speculations of former cricketer newly-elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan’s presence to watch the India-Pakistan match today.

The excitement for today’s India-Pakistan match at the Asia Cup 2018 has taken the wind on both sides of the border and elsewhere in the world. The match is scheduled for 5:00 PM (UAE time) today at the Dubai Stadium and the tickets for the big game have already sold out. After all, this is the first time that India and Pakistan will come face-to-face with each other on the pitch after India won over Pakistan at the ICC Champions Trophy at The Oval, back in June last year. And this is the first time that India-Pakistan will face a cricket clash in the United Arab Emirates since 2006.

So the stadium tickets starting from minimum worth of 150 AED (around Rs 3000) have sold out and the show is full. The buzz is that even Imran Khan is likely to stop-over at Abu Dhabi and take a trip to Dubai to catch a few glimpses of the India-Pakistan Asia Cup match while on his way back to Pakistan from his first foreign as PM to Saudi Arabia. Talking about the legendary former captain, current Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed said that although Khan’s presence is not officially confirmed yet, his presence will be “a great motivation” for the players.

Even the sapping heat of the Dubai desert will have no bearing on the player and for the audience. A packed house, billions of eyes watching the game remotely, brutally braving weather and the classic India-Pakistan cricket match clash will only add to the grace of the Asia Cup 2018 at Dubai. But for the rival captains Rohit Sharma and Sarfraz Ahmed, they insisted that this match should be seen as something more than just arch-rivalry between two nations.