On the 100th anniversary of World War 1 today, PM Narendra Modi paid tribute to all the soldiers who fought in the war, reiterated India’s commitment towards world peace and also pledged on behalf of India to create an atmosphere where wars do not happen.

The World War 1 ended on 11th November 1918 and it has been exactly hundred years since World War 1 ended. Although India was not directly involved in the First World War, the soldiers of Indian Army had played an important role in retaining peace and tranquility at global level. On the occasion of 100th anniversary of WW1 today, PM Modi commemorated the martyrs of the war by saying, “Today, as we mark 100 since the end of the horrific First World War, we reiterate our commitment towards world peace and pledge to work to further an atmosphere of harmony and brotherhood so that the trail of death and destruction caused by wars does not occur”.

Modi also described how  many Indian soldiers fought in the First World War just for the cause of World Peace and paid tribute to all these soldiers who fought for the cause of peace. The tribute was paid through Twitter with him saying:

Voicing in with the words of PM Modi about India and Indian army’s role in maintaining global peace during the World War 1 and even today, President Ram Nath Kovind spoke for India’s stand for peace while paying tribute to the soldiers of WW1. He also paid tribute “for their sacrifice in East Africa and the Western Front, Gallipoli and the Gulf, the sea attack on Chennai and the skies above France. Their memory commits us to global security and global peace.” Beyond India, thousands of people across the world paid their tribute to the legendary soldiers and citizens fought and martyred for the purpose of world peace during the World War 1.