After Donald Trump’s recent promises to Palestine’s sovereignty and freedom, PM Modi takes the notch during the meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and promised unwavering support to end the long-standing conflict between Palestine and Israel.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday for bilateral talks between both countries and during the meeting, Modi said India hopes to see a sovereign, united and an independent Palestine, co-existing peacefully with Israel and urged for early resumption of talks between Palestinian and Israeli representatives. Modi also promised ‘unwavering’ support retaining long-lost peace between Israel and Palestine.

Remember, Mr Trump promising Israel-Palestine peace recently? Donald Trump promised Abbas that America will ‘get it done’ and will do ‘whatever they need to’ to solve the Israel-Palestine dispute. Russian President Vladimir Putin also recently discussed possibilities of an early resolution to the long-pending dispute with a two-state solution. Pacing up with Trump and Putin, Modi too said that India hopes to see the realisation of a sovereign, independent, united and viable Palestine, co-existing peacefully with Israel; ahead of his visit to Israel in July.

All the world leaders are ‘talking’ and ‘promising’ about peace between the Jewish state and Palestine, but who will actually work on it? And how? What is the ‘whatever’ that they would do about the issue? And when? What about peace in other countries too? Forgot Iraq? Afghanistan? Syria? How about dropping and dumping the weapons and promoting world peace, no war?

These questions go unanswered and more importantly, unasked. But if we are looking at the brighter side, at least they are ‘talking’ about peace and alliance if not make it a reality. Aspirations is what sustains people of these countries and that exactly is why the Palestinian President thanked and appreciated the solidarity India or United States or Russia or anybody has extended to their cause.