Condemning the ‘horrendous act’ of mob violence after a spate of lynching incidents in India, the Supreme Court has recommended the Parliament to introduce a law to punish people involved in lynching and root out any mob-based violence.

A total of two dozen people were victimised by mob lynching and drawn to death this year, and the spate of lynching incidents in India is on the rise each day. Taking notice of the widespread issue, the Supreme Court condemned the act of mob violence and urged the Parliament to introduce new penal code laws to punish any offender involved in mob violence. Clearly stating that no citizen can take the law in their hands, the apex court of India said that lynching, done for any reason may it be cow slaughtering or child abduction, is crime.

The bench of 3 judges including CJI Dipak Misra suggested that measures to stop lynching incidents should be taken soon. SC has also said that clearly stated that “mobocracy” cannot be allowed and it has to be “curbed with an iron hand”. The ruling statement by the Supreme Court stated, “A special law in this field would instil a sense of fear for law amongst the people who involve themselves in such kinds of activities. There can be no trace of doubt that fear of law and veneration for the command of law constitute the foundation of a civilized society.”

SC also demanded answers from Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh government for not following its order to combat violence in name of social issues. The WhatsApp rumours about child kidnapping gangs have also created a havoc of misinformation to the citizens and lead to mob lynching in various states. To aid the government in filing new returns, the court is preparing a list of guidelines to deal with such acts and power the government to maintain law and order in the country.