At the India-Korea Business Summit held on Tuesday, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that in coming years, India will continue to be among the fastest growing global economies.

India, certainly has gained global attention because of the rising economic development and engagement on international platform. While it might not be evident to common man of the country, the country still is making economic development, statistically. Probably, that is what is helping India in gaining a number of titles and ranks in economic lists and forums – crowning the country as one of the fastest growing economies. While addressing at the India-Korea Business Summit here, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley perhaps didn’t miss the chance to buoyant about the status that India is gaining.

During the speech at the Summit with Korea on Tuesday, Jaitley said that India will continue to remain among the fastest growing economies in the world. Jaitley also compared the pattern of economies and development of India and Korea while saying that Koreans have focussed on technology and strengthened their economy, which in itself is inspirational for India. Comparing Indian and Korean development index, Jailtey said, “Both India and Korea withstood the limiting factor of geography and focused on economic development”.

Since past one decade, Korean companies have developed their presence in India and more than 600 offices in India have been extremely encouraging. There is hardly any household that does not have a Korean product and therefore to expand this relationship is the obvious agenda for the meet of this kind, said Jaitley. And more from the Korean peninsula is yet to come.