After intensive testing, WhatsApp started rolling out the video calling feature in November last year across all platforms globally. And almost after 6 months, with over 50 million video calling minutes per day, India has become the top country for video calling via WhatsApp!

Whatsapp is world’s leading messaging app with over 1.2 billion monthly active users and out of a total of 340 million daily video calling globally, Indians make 50 million minutes from 200 million monthly active users. That is a substantial and major chunk of video calling minutes from one country. The amazing success of Whatsapp in India signifies the fact that the company did not prejudice in terms of quality of network and services and hence it overtook other video calling competes like Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s FaceTime and Google Duo.

Another reason for such extensive usage of Whatsapp’s video calls is the simplicity; calling from Whatsapp is really simple, hurdle free and anyone can use it; one need not to be a tech savvy and requires minimum learning. The heavy stats signify huge amount of traction India brings to Whatsapp and that it is not a ‘poor’ nation to be ignored.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has a big no-no sign about introducing third-party advertisements on its platform, it is testing tools that allow users to communicate with businesses and organisations like banks and airlines through its platform. They are also attempting to foray into digital payment services, with India as a test bed.