Chennai: India has crossed the record of more than 5,000 MW of Wind Energy in the year of 2016-2-17, a government statement said on Sunday. The previous high was the 3,472-MW added in 2015-16.

Earlier, 2,026 MW was added in March, beating the March 2016 record of 1,700 MW. Consequently, with the addition of 5,400 MW, the country’s wind power capacity stands at 31,177 MW.

Andhra Pradesh is on top to install 2,190 MW of Wind Energy; Gujarat is second at 1,275 MW and Karnataka followed with 882 MW.

Considering the 5-GW comes at a time when the wind industry prepares to hold an international conference, Windergy 2017, between April 25 and 27, in New Delhi.

In order to meet the ‘generation-based incentive’ scheme, wind power developers were in hurry to complete the project before March 31 and submit the report to the government. Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association, Sarvesh Kumar, as saying that wind power installations in 2016-17 would cross the 5 GW mark. Industry sources are, however, confident that the government would bring back the incentive.

According to the current performance of wind power, it is expected for more numbers in the upcoming year of 2017-18. Additionally, the 8 state where wind power installation is ideal, the Centre has begun auctioning capacity, buying power to sell to States without wind potential. Already, 1,000 MW capacity has been auctioned.

India now has the fourth-highest wind capacity in the world after China (145 GW), US (74 GW) and Germany (44 GW). The government aims to increase capacity to 60,000 MW by 2022.