With diplomatic interests on mind, India is trying to make Iran’s Chabahar Port operational by 2019 which will open up transportation options for India’s millions of dollars of trade with land-locked Afghanistan.

India and Iran shares a long trading history, which had ruptured in recent times due to various political and diplomatic issues. However, since few years, Indian government has been trying to develop Iran as a strategic transportation corridor that will not only boost its relations with Iran, but will also open up ways for India to conduct trade with land-locked Afghanistan. To fulfil the purpose, India is trying to develop the Chabahar Port complex in Iran that will lift off India’s dependence on Pakistan to conduct land-based commercial transportation with Afghanistan.

The Iranian port has the potential to offer easy accessibility to all CIS countries – which is why, Indian government is trying to make Chabahar Port in Iran operational by 2019. Once operational, Chabahar revive past trading history between India, Iran and Afghanistan – without having to depend on Pakistan for transportation. The declaration of this plan was made by Indian Transport and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari while addressing at an Indian Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

India’s advancement for Chabahar Port are happening even after the US had threatened to renew US sanctions against Tehran – clouding up Chabahar’s viability as a transportation hub. However, India believes that with time, India has built itself a reputation across the world and rankings have improved globally – easing business for and with India to a significant extent. With further cooperation, the three nations can build sustainable million dollar trade relations in no time.