India is assessing its options of submitting a bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics and 2030 Asian Games; the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has sent a blueprint proposal to host the 2032 Olympics last night to the Government for permission.

Indian Olympics Association President N. Ramachandran has sent out a proposal to the government for permission to bid for the 2032 Olympics and 2030 Asian Games as part of a drive to put the country at the heart of the international sporting community. He also said that the IOA also wanted India to host the Asian Beach Games in 2020, the Olympic Council of Asia’s general assembly that year, and the International Olympic Committee session in 2021.

As per Ramachandran, if we start bidding for Olympics from now, we can get the permission to host in 2032 because it is and 8-year process and one cannot take a decision today and say, ‘I want to host the Olympic Games tomorrow.’ And if we are looking for anything in 2032, we have to start from right now so that we can have 10 years to improve the infrastructure and you will have a decision [to make] in the next four to six years.

India had hosted Commonwealth Games in 2010 but the event was marred by corruption but Ramachandran said there would be no repeat of those blunders. “We have learnt from our mistakes. You see the South Asian Games [in 2016] that was hosted in Guwahati. Nobody said anything,” he added. The aim of hosting the Olympics is to use the engagement as a catalyst for the growth of Olympic sports in India and to help improve the country’s miserable standing in pretty much every sport apart from cricket.

But winning the Olympic hosting rights is no hot ticket anymore because of its cost concerns. Will India be able to meet the immense costs of this epic game? Ramachandran is confident about it, saying that India is Asia’s third largest economy and if we assume that we have to spend $12 billion on an Olympic event, $6 billion will be given by the IOC. And what is $6 billion over a period of eight years for a country which has the size of the economy which India has today? Well, he has a point but let’s see what government thinks about it.