India has made agreements with the US to sell chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence (CBRN) suits and equipment to India for $75 million which is approximately Rs 480 crores!

While the world sits over carcinogenic nuclear explosives and the raising risks of nuclear crisis, every nation is busy in testing and taking measures for defence and protective measures to combat and backdrop the nuclear attacks. India, not wanting to lag behind, has made contracts with the United States to purchase anti-chemical, anti-nuclear suits which will boost country’s capacity to handle, contain and foil possible chemical, biological and nuclear incursions.

The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) stated on Thursday India had asked for 38,034 M50 general purpose masks; Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST), which consists of 38,034 each: suits, pairs of trousers, pairs of gloves, pairs of boots and NBC bags; 854 aprons; 854 alternative aprons; 9,509 Quick Doff Hoods; and 114,102 M61 filters. The request also included training, technical data, Support of US government in technical assistance, staging and consolidation as well as transportation and logistic support which is all word Rs 480 Crores.

DSCA stated to Congress that it has approved a possible foreign military sale to the government of India for CBRN support equipment. This sale would boost the foreign policies and national security of both India and US and the Congress had stated India as a “a friendly country which has been, and continues to be, an important force for political stability and economic progress in South Asia.”. Also, the US agency does not seem to have any concerns about their sold equipment getting into ‘wrong hands’ and could be possibly misused against US security interests.

The Indian Government intends to use these equipment and services to modernize its armed forces and update its capability while enhancing the relationship between India and the United States. And these weapons will be easily contained and absorbed in the Indian Armed Forces. Indian Armed Forces have been upgrading its defence systems from quite some time now with all the missile testing and deals with foreign countries like the $2 billion Israeli deal and now the US deal. Is it all the gearing up before the onset of malignant global strife?