After a victory against Australia in the fifth ODI match, India won the series with an easy clear score of 4-1, gaining the top position in ICC ODI rankings, proving the unbeatable as of now.

They fear the men in blue, because if the opponent beats them with one, they unstoppably throttle them with 9 continuous blows without giving a breather. Under Kohli’s watch and an unbelievable efficient manpower, the Indian team came out on top every time they were put under pressure. Australia, in contrast, kept losing the initiative throughout. This difference was easily visible in the India Australia ODI series, and the final fifth match on Sunday was no different.

With a score of 3-1 before the final match, India already had the series in its bag but to further erode its importance, they fielded a full-strength side, not giving Mohammad Shami and Umesh Yadav a second chance after Bangalore. Nothing can provide context to the most insignificant match of a most inconsequential bilateral ODI series. Not even Rohit Sharma at his free-flowing best. But what he certainly can do – and did at the packed VCA Stadium in Nagpur on Sunday – is to make you lean back in your seat, hands behind the head, and say: what the heck! The beauty of Rohit’s batting lies in the simplicity of what it achieves: he isolates the mind from the past and the future and brings it right back into the moment.

While India won the match, the starting was far from ideal as Warner and Finch pushed India on the back foot with aggressive and calculative batting – giving a breezy start to the Kangaroos. However, the men in blue maintained their calm and executed a counter-plan to perfection, as Hardik Pandya broke the threatening stand of Warner-Finch. Things got easier for India once they were on the batting side and the case of Australian score was completed with 43 balls and seven wickets intact. That is how hard they roll, making India the Number 1 team as per ICC ODI Rankings.