The Indian Air Force is seeking procurement of 110 fighter jets and has asked global armoury companies to submit their proposals for what is considered to be the world’s biggest combat order currently.

Indian defence wing is finally set to procure the multi-million dollar defence bill which includes production of 110 single or twin-engine fighter jets with foreign company collaboration. The combat order is considered to be the biggest combat deal on present day and will be developed under ‘Make in India’ scheme – in collaboration with foreign companies. To proceed in the matter, the Indian Air Force has issued an initial tender on Friday, inviting global aviation companies to send out their proposals and set up the new fighter production line with an Indian partner.

The Defence Ministry said announced on Friday, “Procurement should have a maximum of 15 percent aircraft in flyway condition and 85 percent will be manufactured in India under ‘Make in India’.” Of all 110 jets, 25% aircrafts will be twin seated and 75 percent single seated and twin seat and 75 percent single seat. As per Rahul Bedi, a New Delhi-based analyst at Jane’s Information Services, the bidding price of this combat proposal can go up to as much as 15 billion US dollars. Yet, it will only fill the void of 400 single- and double-engine combat aircraft that are needed in Indian Army and Navy altogether.

The major combat bills and procurement by Indian Ministry of Defence is crucial for the country amid increasing risks from two neighbouring countries – Pakistan and China. Since PM Modi wants to modernise the nation as a whole, it includes the provisions of modernising the country’s aging defence wing – hence, the government has allocated $250 billion spending dedicated to the defence. Besides this, regulations have been revised so that aviation manufacturers like Boeing Co. and United Aircraft Corp can pitch in with their twin-engine aircraft deals. However, the defence procurement has a long way to go and it might slug down, especially for the nation’s blogged down history in processing any deal or project.