Representing India at the Archery World Cup at Samsun in Turkey, Indian archer Deepika Kumari held her nerves to beat her contender Lisa Unruh after a 5-5 tie to win the bronze medal at the World Cup final on Sunday.

As they stood shoulder to shoulder with a 5-5 tie, Indian archer Deepika Kumari and her German contender Lisa Unruh gasped breathes to score off the final shot and win the bronze in final round of the tournament. In the necessary shoot-off, both Deepika and Lisa shot 9 but Kumari won bronze because she bird-eyed the target and her arrow was closer to the centre. The bronze medal at Archery World Cup 2018 in Turkey, Kumari booked herself a fifth podium after winning four silver medals at the international archery tournament.

Content with the victory, Kumari believes that she could have scored a fifth silver, but with no coach, she struggled to keep pace with the timing and shooting ranges. At the podium, Kumari expressed how she started panicking at the shoot-off but then motivated herself by thinking that she will accept whatever be the result, despite having no coach to look up to – and gave her best shot. Motivated by her own victory, Deepika Kumari now looks forward to convert her bronze medal into silver and gold at other upcoming archery events soon.

Earlier a bronze was booked in the name of India in the men’s compound event by archer Abhishek Verma. With the conclusion of Archery World Cup 2018, Indian archers wound up the tournament with two bronze medals and one silver in the name of India – without a coach as the Archery Association of India failed to hire a new coach before the international matches.