The Indian Army has made an urgent purchase of advanced sniper rifles equipped with modern telescopic sights, imported from Italy and America to replace the existing Soviet-era Dragonov SVD rifles. All the Indian Army soldiers along the LOC will be getting the new sniper rifles by the end of this month for immediate upgrade.

Being the world’s second largest after China, the Indian Army is now pacing up to become one of the most lethal armies in the world with continuous modernization and upgrades in ammunition and technology. From ultra-modern fighter jets to the launch of military satellites and upgrades in bulletproof jacket standards, Indian defence wing is under a relentless modernization phase – with Israel, Germany, US and Russia being some of the main weapon suppliers.

The Ministry of Defense had invited responses from global vendors, for 5719 sniper rifles with 8.6 mm and 10.2 million rounds of ammunition-RfP last December and had finalized a $150 million deal under the Buy Global category. In a latest update, the armed force has made an urgent purchase of thousands sniper rifles from Italy and the US to replace Soviet-era Dragonov SVD rifles that were procured in the 1990s. The Russian Dragonov is a 7.62×54-MMR cartridge acquired-rifle with a range of about 800m lacks modern magnification and sight systems as well as bipod systems and is considered to be the best snipers recommended by IA Marksmen.

But, by the end of this month, the Dragonov rifle will be replaced with Messers Beretta .338 Lapua Magnum Scorpio TGT sniper rifle of Italy and .50 Calibre Sniper Rifle M95 MS Berrett from the US. These snipers will currently be imported from abroad, but the plan is to subsequently, it will be manufactured in India. As per official statements, the Northern Command of the Indian Army, taking care of the borders with Pakistan and some parts of Line of Actual Control, will be equipped with the new and one of the best sniper rifles on 20th January, as well as better training – and hence have a greater effect on rival troops during violation and ceasefire incidents at the sensitive LoC.