The Indian Army has appealed Defence Ministry to approve an increment of 370 new platoons which is around 18,000 new army personnel to the Defence Security Corps with better training and better weapons like AK-47 assault rifles and light machine guns to reinforce security at the military camps and key installations around the country.

Army Vice-Chief Lt-General Philip Campose (Retd) who is the chair-person of a tri-service committee recently submitted a report on alleged security holes in the security installations and infrastructure of the country. Taking that as a wake-up call, the army has demanded for a boost in the troop size of military to enhance tighter security of camps and key establishments.

Despite serial terror attacks on military bases at Pathankot, Uri and Nagrota recently, the government has not yet begun to implement the recommendations of the tri-service committee. As per Defence Ministry, it has issued broad guidelines based on the recommendations to the Army, Navy and Air force headquarters.

The DSC consists of over 64,500 who were re-employed after they retired from the armed forces. But with rising concerns, the DSC seems to have agreed with the committee recommendations and hence demanded for equipping 370 new platoons of full size with a junior commissioned officer and 55 other ranks. The personnel must be equipped with at least two LMGs and a light 2.5 tonne vehicle along with bullet-proof jackets, headgear and night-vision devices. The total cost of raising these platoons will be approximately Rs 1.3 crore. But there must be no price-tag skeptism when it comes to national security and the security of the people who are devoting their own lives for national security.