Indian Army was invited to attend the event of 91st Foundation Day of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and a delegation from the Indian Armed Forces joined the Chinese Army by taking part in celebrations, which included cultural performances by both the sides.

Few months back, the Indian Armed Forces and the People’s Liberation Army were face-to-face at the Doklam border region, laden with armours and weapons, ready for a possible war. And on August 1, the armies of both countries held a meeting at Nathu La in Sikkim, marking the 91st anniversary of the foundation day of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China. The meet-up, known as Special Border Personnel meeting and a special Indian Army delegation including several officers and soldiers attended the celebration.


During the meet-up on the fateful border of Sikkim, there was no locking of eyeballs nor a standoff between the Chinese Army, but instead there as a bhangra session at 1426 feet and even the Chinese participated. The PLA troops too, interacted with Indian army and presented their cultural programme comprising several events to celebrate the occasion. Reiterating about this, the PLA said how the meeting was a “gesture of goodwill” and “celebrations took place in a very festive environment and provided an opportunity to both sides to display their rich culture”.

Besides the celebration the core of the meeting was to serve as a sign to strengthen peace and tranquillity along the Sino-India border, especially after Doklam standoff incident. The authorities of both India and China believe that such interactions between both armies promote mutual understanding and help in achieving common goals of attaining peace along the controversial borders. Indian Army’s participation in the Chinese Army Foundation Day comes just few days after both Modi and Xi had decided to issue “strategic guidance” to their militaries to strengthen communication and build trust at the Indo-Chinese border.